Job Prediction of the Week: September 28, 2009

By the end of this week, I will go on one interview.  Its nature will be shrouded in mystery, but the promise of secretarial work and a respectable salary will entice me to once more don my gray polyester woman-suit and power shoes (they elevate me to 5’4″; I can nearly see over the tops of cars).  After an hour-long presentation involving twelve dry erase markers of varied color and size as well as several poorly performed magic tricks in possible violation of animal cruelty laws as applied to rodents, I will sign a contract and find myself working at the county sewage treatment plant.

    • Jennie
    • September 29th, 2009

    Antoinette, I think you should forget about editing and you should just move to writing a book; you are a great writer. I love reading your stuff.

    Promise me I can buy one of the first books that you have published!

    You’re fantastic!

    • Aj
    • September 29th, 2009

    Okay, now I am waiting for you to try for another job so I can read about it. Maybe that’s what you should do, like Julie cooked all the recipes in Mastering the Art etc., you can just try for jobs and write about them.

    • antoinette jeanine
    • September 29th, 2009

    It could be like the show Dirty Jobs, only with interviews. Dirty Applications.

    Except that sounds like it could be a Girls Gone Wild-iPhone hybrid.

    I may have an idea for a way to make money.

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