Dry Spell

Naturally, as soon as I started this blog, all prospects for employment screeched to a halt. I’m biding my time, waiting to hear back from the City (I anticipate that they might get around to letting me know if I have an interview sometime around 2013) and the community college; Craigslist has been uncooperatively refusing to put out either legitimate job postings or attention-worthy insanity, and monster is giving me a big fat zero on all accounts.

Additionally, although profit-making business ventures may not be making any progress, I will soon be restarting a very old non-business-related co-venture in The Flying Llama Reviews. I’ll be holding a zombie movie marathon this weekend and reviewing some or all of the films involved, so check back for a link once we get the site back up and rolling (I believe the last thing I had posted was a review of Studio 60, so it’s going to take some work to rid the place of archaeological dust).   Crumb cake to follow.

    • Aj
    • October 5th, 2009

    But there are SO many lame job opportunities out there. Don’t forget to check out bulletin boards, temp agencies and local newspapers. I look forward to further jobhunting exploits/analysis

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