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At the behest of my boss, I’ve been considering including some of the silliness that happens at my day job. It’s not related to the job hunt, and the day-to-day here is usually too mundane to fill even the most lazy half-hour of television. It has its moments, though.

For background information, I work at a help desk which monitors a University computer lab and manages several computer-equipped classrooms.  We’re located in the Foreign Languages Building, so a good chunk of the clientele are not native English speakers.

This incident wasn’t enough to turn any heads, but it’s a fairly good representation of my daily responsibilities. About 90% of my interactions with lab users involve reciting the process of converting the stuff that appears on their computer screens into paper representations thereof.  Just now, a guy walked up to the desk and asked how he could pay for printing. I replied that charges are billed to your university account automatically; we don’t accept payment in cash. He pulls out his wallet. I explain again, in different words, that you pay online, not at the desk.  No cash.  He stares blankly at me for a beat and then pulls out a dollar.

I should have taken it.

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