Craigs List Douche

As I’ve previously mentioned, I have a Craigslist ad for my freelance services.  Sometimes, a “response” to this ad gets through my spam filter and worms its way into my inbox.  This time, I believe I have by chance located a kindred spirit.  He writes:

Saw  you ad on Craigs List.  I was struggling to use my writing and editing skills to make a living. Then by accident I found a Web site where people who like writing could make a great living. You use your talents, to write articles, and market your own niche web sites. You can check it out right now or keep reading . I explain more in detail below.

I immediately realized that there is a reason that this poor soul was unable to use his writing and editing skills to make a living.  I decided to demonstrate for him.

Lee– can I call you Lee?– I believe you may want to consider a new career path.  I just don’t think writing and editing is for you.  I’m sorry, I know this can be hard to hear, but I think you’ll benefit from the advice in the long run.  Go die in a fire.



  1. I wish you had published the jpegs a little bigger, or more legibly (more contrast, maybe?)—I can’t quite make them out. But this seems like an awesome moment of revenge.

    Beware the Editor With Too Much Free Time!

    • antoinette jeanine
    • October 6th, 2009

    Sorry, I was at work and in a rush (hence the crappy scan). I may try to fix them later.

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