A brief employment update for your enjoyment:

I have now scattered my resume across the country. I’ve submitted an application for 19 positions, from California to Virginia to here in Champaign, for jobs as divergent as secretary, clerk, and office assistant. But hey! I think more than half of the jobs I applied for have editorial components, so it totally counts as staying within my field.

The car that I use to get to interviews broke down on the highway this weekend; we are retrieving it tonight and, with any luck, the old cocksucker (we haven’t managed to successfully nickname the car, which we’ve only had for a year) will hang on until one or both of us have achieved gainful employment.

I’ve been infected by the porcine virus, but just in case that wasn’t fun enough, I took a stray elbow to the eyeball yesterday. I look like a less cute version of Barney Stinson after he attempted the Murtaugh List.

Happy job hunting, everyone, and I’ll leave you with a picture of my kick-ass Halloween costume:

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