My “I”s Are Crossed

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to check the St. Louis Craigslist for writer/editor jobs before today. So far, I’ve found one scam, one job that sounds far too good to be true (the compensation section reads: “competitive base salary based on experience, plus health/dental insurance, 20+ paid days off per year, and FREE BEER”), and this doozy. Ah, Southern Illinois, you always do represent yourself so well.

FREELANCE WRITER NEEDED! We are looking for a creative Writer to tell our story! Situated in Southern Illinois with offices located throughout the country, our company is looking for a creative writer to develop copy for a custom company Press-Kit/brochure binder which will include, among other things, information about the company, it’s subsidiaries, offerings, history, leadership and credentials. The Writer must have strong grammar skills (those whom can’t cross i’s and dot t’s will not be considered), have the ability to research as needed as well as creatively bend and blend style accordingly to our needs. This is not a “sales” slick, but more of a “feel-good” piece. This will be a professionally printed and will be used as a print collateral centerpiece during corporate meetings, client interviews and throughout the sales process for high-profile potential customers. Please provide resume and at least 4 samples of best work. Those who reply without 4 samples and resume will not be considered. Payment for project commensurate with experience and will be negotiated with chosen writer based on supplied hourly rate or preferred project fees. Good luck and we look forward to working with someone soon!

I would like to highlight this particular sentence: “The Writer must have strong grammar skills (those whom can’t cross i’s and dot t’s will not be considered)…”

My professional opinion? Those whom can’t accurately quote idioms or keep the rules for “who” versus “whom” straight really shouldn’t be too picky about who writes their PR material.

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