Depressingly Positive

I’ve now applied to at least 30 jobs in the past three months, casting a fairly wide net. Until this week, I hadn’t heard back about any of them.

I thought the waiting was fairly frustrating, until the rejections started pouring in.

The first one was for a company in California; I’d applied for a technical author job that I honestly wasn’t tremendously qualified for. Regardless, they promised to keep my application on file and match it against any new positions. How considerate, right?

The second was for another Californian company. This one I was a little more invested in; it’s a small press with a nerdy catalog that suggested in their ad a sense of humor would be a plus. In my cover letter, I wrote “Although I am currently located in central Illinois, I am interested in relocating. Obviously.” They called to say that they’d like to consider me for the position, but need someone immediately and would have to interview the candidate in person. Since I’m not exactly in the position to fly out to the west coast for an interview, they apologetically suggested that I call them if I ever move there. That’s pretty close to a yes!

The third one absolutely fucking broke my heart. It was for the company I mentioned a few posts ago, which incentivizes its employees through beer pong tournaments; they’re located in the same town as my future sister and brother-in-law; they review films, television, and other pop culture: in a word, they’re perfect.

Which is why they filled the position yesterday. But they were impressed with my resume and will get in touch if anything opens up!


I know I should be happy that people are rejecting me so positively. But it’s really, really hard. (TWSS). If you like me so much, PLEASE HIRE ME.

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