Spam: Now With 90% More Attitude

This is not actually the first time I’ve gotten this passive-aggressive spammy screed.


I saw your post on Craigs about your services, and wondered if you could join us in doing fellow writing professionals a favor.

Since you’re offering ‘writing services’, I hope you help us with a simple yes/no poll.
Recently, legislation has been proposed in several states to ask that ALL writing professionals who fail to report their income on their taxes, be tried as felony criminals.

Do you agree with this? Please let your opinion be heard:
Go to this page and vote your choice. You will be compensated for your
Go here:


Vote, and enter your information afterward to receive a ‘thank you’ reward for voting.
Thanks for helping our cause.


The first time I got it, I stared at it in blinking disbelief for a few moments and then deleted it out of sheer incredulity, without thinking of preserving it for posterity.

It’s actually kind of a masterpiece of manipulation. I don’t know how many writing professionals ol’ Steve gets to click the link, but he did spur me to consult with a tax professional. Good job, Steve! IRS should hire you to scare the underpaid into forking over their measly pennies. FELONY CRIMINALS? Really, Steve? That’s how you’re going to play this?

But, Steve’s right — we writing professionals need to stick together. That’s why I’m going to march over to Springfield this afternoon and personally hand a government official $5.32. That should about cover taxes for my editing income.

Thanks, Steve. Good to know you’ve got my back.

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