Do I Dare?

For about an hour this afternoon, I contemplated graduate school. This brief session of pondering culminated in specific research of my university’s English graduate program, whereupon I discovered the following:

– The Director of Graduate Studies was one of my favorite professors, who for some odd reason seemed to like me. This is surprising because I was an absolutely incorrigible undergraduate: I rarely showed up to class; I almost never spoke in discussions; and for the duration of my senior year, I never once began to write a paper before its due date. I would like to add that my GPA in English was 3.25, which is pretty good for someone with the academic commitment of an undercooked egg.

– The program requirements can be completed in one year if one does not intend to teach (one does not).

– It is implied that entering the program with a Bachelor’s in English from the same university might or might not be a total cinch.

And, last but certainly not least:

– The application deadline for Fall 2010 was December 17th, 2009, and

– The program does not accept students mid-year.

So concludes my brief flirtation with the thought of furthering my education. For a moment, I fantasized about responding to the query “What are you doing now?” with “I’m getting my Master’s in English Literature with a concentration in Modernist fiction” rather than “I’m working in the electronics department of a major retail store.” That, kids, is what happens when you don’t dare to eat a peach.

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