For Now

About twenty minutes ago I clomped out of the conference center in my big honkin’ interview heels. I’m still trying to process what happened there. These are the facts (the facts are these):

– I’m almost certain that I’m going to be offered a position.
– I have no idea what kind of hours or pay will be offered.
– I am expected to make at least a two year commitment to the job (informally, not in writing; Illinois is a right-to-work state).
– The job is demanding and harsh. In the words of a would-be coworker, I would have no life with this job. Hours are event-based, so it is not uncommon to be called in at five in the morning or stay until midnight or later.
– The job entails an intense amount of personal accountability. I was told that clients have been known to hold AV techs individually responsible for poor experiences, regardless of where responsibility actually lies, and will hold grudges.
– I was told to play hardball with pay negotiation because wages are not re-negotiated yearly (as they are at the University).
– Part of the job entails maintaining an island in the parking lot. This is so bizarre that my brain has not yet fully processed it.

But, most importantly:

– The job is almost certainly better than Schlaples, and
– Everything in life is only for now.

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