All Good Things

On Friday afternoon, I went in to the conference center to shadow a couple of AV techs, who were remarkably candid about how much they loathe their jobs and their boss (I later had to be reminded that I did the exact same thing to a newly-hired coworker at Schlaples). One of them actually, if sort-of jokingly, asked me “Are you sure you want this job?” And, of course, both of them noted with outrage that forcing me to work without pay before being hired is quite brazenly illegal.

Saturday was my last day at Schlaples. There was no fanfare or cake; only a handful of coworkers were even aware that I was leaving, as I believe my propensity for shutting myself in my office in an effort to avoid pesky customers and peskier managers allowed my four-month employment to go virtually unnoticed by most of them. I suspect the “Antonette*” tag has already been peeled off my locker, which has likely been reassigned to my replacement by now. Although two managers were present in the last few hours of my employment, neither of them even acknowledged that it was my last day or said goodbye as I left. Considering that I’m usually an insufferable suck-up to authority figures and pride myself on being a thorough and efficient worker when given the opportunity, I suppose my decision in recent months to serve my customers over my employers was noticed, if not by the former, then by the latter. Sidebar: Why was this a conscious choice I had to make? What the fuck kind of business model requires that of employees? And how sustainable can that possibly be?

Although I had intended to bonfire my Staples uniform this weekend, the opportunity passed me by and I was forced to settle for dumping it in my municipal garbage can and tossing a bag of dog crap on top of it. It wasn’t nearly as cathartic as I’d hoped.

*Yes, my name was publicly misspelled, noted, and never corrected. Because they care, that’s why.

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