All Fall Down

When I went in last week to shadow the techs, I was regaled with many unsolicited tales of my [then presumed] new boss’s incompetence and awfulness. I was to be replacing one of the techs, who had recently turned in her letter of resignation to this woman by email; she was then chewed out for being “unprofessional,” as letters of resignation must be delivered in person. The very same woman who accused her soon-to-be-former employee of such a breach in professionalism is now dodging/not returning my calls. It’s been over a week since I’ve heard from her, and every day that I don’t hear back it’s looking less likely that I’ll be working there.

It’s still not Staples, but that means less than I thought it did.

Meanwhile, the day after I interviewed at the conference center about a month and a half ago, I was contacted by a local press which was impressed by the resume I’d sent them and which wanted me to send in editing and proofreading tests. I promptly did so and felt pretty fantastic about them. After a month and a half of radio silence, I finally got up the courage to email asking what in the hell happened to my application, but the forces of the universe turned my email around and slapped me in the face with it. Thinking perhaps my contact had been fired, I called the press directly to find out that not only was she still working there, but a brand-new in-house editor was, too. Which means that although she found me to be “capable,” I likely won’t be receiving any work from them. Oh, but they’ll “keep me on file.”

If I had the strength, I would rant about employers rude enough to deny failed applicants the closure of a brief form letter explaining that they are worthless taintstains not qualified to tie their own shoes standing up. But I’m tired of the constant emotional yo-yo of the past eleven months. I’m especially devastated by whatever the hell the conference center thinks it has license to do to me. And the thought that I might have to beg for my job back at Staples…well, that’s just too much.

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